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The Medical Society of the County of Queens and The Academy of Medicine of Queens County, To establish and maintain the highest possible standards of medicine in the county of Queens.

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Our Highlights

To contribute to the professional and personal development of members physicians by presenting the profession as whole and to advocate health-related rights, responsibilities and issues in order to promote a favorable environment for the practice of medicine and improvement of the health of the residents of the state of New York.

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To establish and maintain the highest possible standards of medicine in the county of Queens

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Current insurance law permits No-Fault carriers to deny coverage, even in emergency situations where health care

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The opinions and comments expressed by our various contributors are not necessarily the views of the Medical Society of the County of Queens


MSSNY and the Queens Medical Society thank the countless number of physicians who sent letters


The number of physicians in the US who have adopted electronic prescribing technology might have doubled


We offer Professional Medical Services

To enhance the delivery of medical care of high quality to all people in the most judicious manner, and to act to promote and maintain high standards in medical education and in the practice of medicine in an effort to ensure that quality medical is available to the public.


Society Officers

The opinions and comments expressed by our various contributors are not necessarily the views of the Medical Society of the County of Queens nor should be construed as official society policy. Members are invited to contribute items of interest to the bulletin, Copy must be in the Society office before the first of the month.

Janine Regosin, L.C.S.W.

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James E. Satterfield, M.D.


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Jeffery R. Ruggiero, Legal Counsel


Get Professional Advice for your Better Future

The Ombudsman Program provides education, guidance and general assistance to members concerning health insurance related issues. MSSNY staff is well versed in Medicare, Medicaid, Workers’ Compensation, Auto No-Fault, traditional indemnity and managed care programs.

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200 Years of Service to the Medical Community of Queens County.


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Few Tips on Changing a Rim on a Tyre
Few Tips on Changing a Rim on a Tyre

Changing a rim on your tyre is often an easy and straightforward process, but how do you know how to change the rim on your tyre? It can be difficult if you have never done it before. This post will s…

What We Can Expect From A Car Service
What We Can Expect From A Car Service?

There are many types of car services, and what you can expect will depend on what kind of car service you need. If your engine has broken down, then the mechanic might have to replace it or fix some o…

Hardwood Floors VS. Carpeted Floors
Hardwood Floors VS. Carpeted Floors

Luxurious Eyewear Without The Added Cost Another trend that has evolved is the quality of the pages. Contrary to the fad in the past, pages now offer the best protection packed in one single pair of g…

Member Benefits

Members of The Medical Society of the County of Queens enjoy these benefits

Each year thousands of patients call the Society for help in finding a physician in the specialty and geographic location they desire. They also go on our website to search for their doctor.

Referral Panel

The County Medical Society is the only agency in Queens able to recommend a physician for specialty ratings that qualify them to treat Workers’ Compensation cases. This service is offered FREE OF CHARGE to our members.

Workers’ Compensation Ratings

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Few Tips on Changing a Rim on a Tyre

Few Tips on Changing a Rim on a Tyre

Changing a rim on your tyre is often an easy and straightforward process, but how do you know how to change the rim on your tyre? It can be difficult if you have never done it before. This post will show you how to change a tyre on a rim, step by step. You’re going to love how easy this tutorial is!

First, loosen the lug nuts on the rim. It is best to use a rim lever during this process. Insert your tire lever inside of one lug hole and place it under the lip that juts out off of each side. Place your rim lever on the opposite side of where you need to change it. You want to create some room between the socket and rim for when we remove the nut.

List Of Rim Changing Tools

List Of Rim Changing Tools

The right tools for the job are truly important. These include:

Knife to cut through any rubber straps which keep certain parts of the tyre in place

Screwdriver for removing existing bolts on car wheel rims

Socket wrench or electric drill, with a socket that matches bolt size and torque rating (optional)

Wheel brace: this is used as an extra tool to help hold the tire steady while working on it

Tire pressure gauge

Grease pencil to mark how much air you let out of the tire before removing it from the rim

How To Cut The Bead On The Rim?

You will need to cut the bead of the rim in order for it to fit around the tyre. To cut it, look at the seam running beside the bead, carefully insert the tyre lever under it and pull. The bead will crack and you can then pry up on the rim with your hands to separate it from the wheel itself.

What Size Hole Punch Do I Need?

The easiest way is to use a small screwdriver as an alternative, but if unavailable, get one that matches the diameter of your new inner tube’s valve stem (typically between 13mm-17mm). You want a hole that is big enough for this valve stem so make sure not to oversize or undersize too much!

Use Grease to the whole rim: After breaking the bead, grease the whole rim with grease. Put some of this grease between the tyre and the wheel’s bead to help it lie on more easily. Apply a generous amount to where you’ll be working, as well as around the rest of the rim edge.

Remove The Rim From The Tyre

With the tyre and wheel flat on the ground, loosen the wheel nuts by turning them counterclockwise until they come off. Then, using a spare tyre lever or some stiff wire, pull each of the four tyres away from their respective rims so that you can access the bolts holding it to the hub. A additional resources form here.

Set A New Rim On The Tyre

Set A New Rim On The Tyre

Finally, the new rim is on the tyre. This may seem like a trivial step, but it’s important to make sure that the tyre and wheel are compatible with one another before proceeding any further.

What We Can Expect From A Car Service

What We Can Expect From A Car Service?

There are many types of car services, and what you can expect will depend on what kind of car service you need. If your engine has broken down, then the mechanic might have to replace it or fix some other component that is preventing the vehicle from running. If they are doing a service in your car because something is wrong with it and needs to be fixed, then what they do will depend on what type of issue there is. In this post, we will discuss what is included mainly in a car service.

Oil Transmission System Check Up

Oil Transmission System Check Up

The first step in what is included in a car service is checking that there’s enough oil. You should check the transmission system too, as it can tell you what kind of oil to use. This helps avoid any problems down the road by letting you know if anything needs attention now and what grade of engine or gear lubricant might be needed later.

You’ll need to top up with new fluids like coolant which prevents overheating and brake fluid if there are leaks on this part of the vehicle. It will also clean out gunk from underneath car mats, deodorize leather seats and remove stains off carpets!

Engine Oil Replacement

Engine Oil Replacement

If your car is over three years old, we recommend having your car’s oil changed every five thousand miles. High quality all synthetic engine oil will provide better protection against wear and tear than conventional oils. Changing the car’s oil yourself will save you money.

Car Filter Replacement

Replacement of your car filter is one of the important services your car needs. Car filters protect the engine from harmful particles that may enter through the air intake system, such as dust and dirt. These particles can cause damage to a vehicle’s internal components, including fuel injectors or turbochargers.

External lights (Headlights, brake lights, indicators) Check up

The car service will include checking for any external lights that are not working, such as your headlights or brake lights. If you need new bulbs, this can be included in a warranty if it has been less than 12 months since they were last replaced. Similarly, there may also be indicators, such as your hazard warning light which should all work when you take the vehicle to an allowed dealer for a service checkup.

Seat Belt Condition

Some car service centers will offer to repair seat belts, but they may charge you more for what is considered an extra service. This being said, if the injury was caused by a defective seat belt then it should be covered under your warranty or insurance company’s policy and any related costs should not come out of pocket.

When Should You Service Your Car?

A car service should be something that you do on an annual basis so that your vehicle can keep running smoothly. Some people may find it necessary to get a car service more often than what is recommended, but the general rule of thumb is one year per visit for some type of maintenance or inspection.


You have a lot of options when it comes to car services. What are you looking for? We’re here to help! On our website, we offer all your basic needs and more.

Hardwood Floors VS. Carpeted Floors

Hardwood Floors VS. Carpeted Floors

Luxurious Eyewear Without The Added Cost

Luxurious Eyewear Without The Added Cost

Another trend that has evolved is the quality of the pages. Contrary to the fad in the past, pages now offer the best protection packed in one single pair of glasses. Be a quirkier fashionista whatever the weather! Know the latest trends in eyewear that fits your personality!

Everybody has wanted a taste of luxury but unfortunately for most people, it’s either too hard or too expensive to achieve. The closest to luxury one can ever taste is through wearing the latest trends in fashion, adorning themselves with the latest accessories, strutting in the latest in shoes, and carrying the latest in handbags along. Sad to say, these can come quite expensive, too, check website now for more details..

Perhaps the greatest accessory that is sure to get you noticed is the ever trendy eyewear! Yes, even the latest in eyewear hasn’t pushed past the expensive mark as yet. Sunglasses are just as important as all the outfits you put together; it gives a better overall impression. Not to mention, it gives you an air of mystique. No wonder people have been purchasing glasses here and there. The decision to buy is not just random; it has to be calculated even to the last detail.

So what can you fashionistas get in as little cost as possible? Numerous! Whether you wish to purchase designer brands or those that don’t have brands at all, if you know what there is to know about eyewear, and then nobody will ever notice the difference!

There are a lot of designs that have been coming out from the fashion industry with regards to the latest in eyewear. Let’s start with the shape. The latest fashion in eyewear that are in the rave right now are your oversized shades. Fashionistas anywhere in the world have a preference for these glasses as it shields enough of the eyes and face without hampering your appearance. You should choose wisely, for some of these oversized shades can be heavy and can rest on your cheeks if they don’t have the proper ear supports and nasal rims. Oversized shades that have these qualities can be a nuisance and should be avoided as possible.

Another trend that has evolved is the quality of the pages. Contrary to the fad in the past, pages now offer the best protection packed in one single pair of glasses. Pages now are polarized and can offer ultraviolet protection to varying degrees depending on your preference. Eyewear pages have now been creatively produced to meet your varying needs. In sports for instance, tennis players now make use of specialized pages that have yellow enhancement capabilities. This is important in tennis as the sunglasses not only shields your eyes from the glare of the sun but also makes the tennis ball more yellow to aid you in following its every direction. In snow sports the same technology has been maximized but rather than yellow enhancements, these sunglasses have amber pages or rose pages that can help you mark the slopes in the snow.

This is crucial, again because it shields from the glare of the sun that might hamper your vision, it would also allow you to perform at your peak capacity that does not oversee the rule of safety. For everyday casual wear, you can choose from a variety of dark tinted glasses or those glasses that have no tint at all. However, dark tinted glasses are more often purchased in the market. Or you can even settle for no pages at all! Yes, the latest and craziest trend in eyewear has just released a new line of sunglasses that have no pages at all. These type of glasses used to be a fad in the later centuries and now they are back to make a statement. You would have to go to a specialty optic store for these babies however, because these are usually custom-made.

NHL Finals Live Stream

2021 NHL Finals Live Stream: North Division Preview

All the North Division teams are from Canada in this year’s NHL. Because of the traveling restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic in Canada and the US, North Division was formed only with Canadians.

Watch the NHL Finals live stream in July to see if any Canadian team wins the Stanley Cup. But before that, let’s have a brief overview of the North Division.

NHL Finals Live Stream: North Division

NHL Finals Live Stream North Division

It’s all Canadian games in the North Division. The regular season and the first two rounds of the play-off are taking place in Canada. After that, the winning team will have to travel as they need to face teams from other American divisions.

A total of seven teams started the regular season of the Ice Hockey League. The top four teams made it to the play-off. From here, only one team will reach the semi-finals. To know if one of them makes it to the finals, watch the NHL Finals live stream.

The four teams participating in the play-off from the North Division are:

  1. Toronto Maple Leafs (North Division Champion) – 77 points
  2. Edmonton Oilers – 72 points
  3. Winnipeg Jets – 63 points
  4. Montreal Canadiens – 59 points

Toronto had an excellent regular season, while Montreal struggled to reach the play-off. Edmonton and Winnipeg are having an average season. In the play-off, Toronto Maple Leafs will compete against the Montreal Canadiens. On the other hand, the Edmonton Jets will face the Montreal Canadiens. After that, winners of these two games will fight against each other for a spot at the semi-finals.

Let’s analyze who has the most chance of winning from the North Division.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Well, Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t made it to the finals for a long time. At the beginning of the regular season, it seemed that they might do it this year. They finished the regular season top of the North Division. But failed to defeat the Montreal Canadiens in the first round of the play-off.

Edmonton Oilers

It’s not uncommon this season that teams that did well in the regular season end up losing in the play-off. The same thing happened with the Edmonton Oilers. They had a good regular season. Now, they have lost four consecutive in the play-off. So, they’re eliminated from the NHL play-off with zero wins.

Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets had shown an amazing sports performance in the first round of the play-off. They have squashed the Edmonton Oilers and advanced to the second round. Though our experts don’t believe they will reach the finals still, ice hockey can be very unpredictable sometimes. So, don’t forget to watch the NHL Finals live stream in July.

North Division Preview

Montreal Canadiens

Montreal hasn’t won the Stanley Cup Finals for quite some time now. But they hold the record of winning the most Stanley Cups (24times). In this season, Montreal Canadiens struggled to reach the play-off. But in the play-off, they’re doing great and can also reach the finals.

Final Thoughts

 It’s been a long time since the Canadians held the Stanley Cup high. We hope this season they finally finish the drought. Watch the NHL Finals live stream to find out if they can do it this season.

Environmental Health

Environmental Health

Areas need to be aware of the value of good ecological wellness if you want to make a satisfied and healthy and balanced group. If they are able to sustain an atmosphere with both obligations, the appearance of many illnesses, which are usually due to a filthy atmosphere, can be prevented.

When did the release start of ecological wellness, dibutukan attention of all components of group so that the objective of developing overall wellness can be sensed by all those who will advantage from lingkunganjuga wellness can advantage all of group. Powerful investment from within each person in a group that became the starting of a process that must be designed. Without the contract and investment, it is difficult considering the wellness of the surroundings can be designed if one is not kept fresh atmosphere, then this will impact the inadequate cleanliness.

Cleaner and healthier residing can be defined as residing in an atmosphere of cleanliness and hygiene standards as well as running a pattern / behavior of fresh and healthier. A normal and balanced atmosphere can have substantial impact on the quality of healthcare. Individuals wellness would be better if the surroundings around him is also good. The other way around, ones wellness would be worse if the surroundings around him is not good. In the application of fresh and a healthier lifestyle can start by realizing that a healthier atmosphere. A normal and balanced atmosphere has the characteristics of residence (home) and a healthier home environment.

One of the urgent need for environmental wellness is the issue of water that is fresh, spend and sanitation, the need for water that is fresh, managing spend produced daily by the public as well as the direct disposal of spend water was supplied to the channel / river. This causes pandangkalan programs / sources, clogging the programs / sources as garbage. At the time of rain floods always occur and cause disease. You may get more details about environmental health by visiting this site.

Some illnesses due to inadequate cleanliness and spend fingertips and inadequate water include:

 Scarlet fever
 Liver Disease A

CHAPTER Why should healthy?? Why we have bathrooms should be healthy? This may have never thought of sebaian our non-urban areas. from the above description can already known condition coming up akaibat harmful intestinal and rest room. rest room itself is a package where individual spend is deliberately created to secure it, with the aim of:

Avoid the propagate of direct materials that are harmful to people due to the fingertips of individual spend.

Avoid the propagate of condition vector for the user and around environment

Cases of signs kesling Kab. Tangerang

Cases of signs kesling Kab. Tangerang

To evaluate the state of the surroundings and initiatives created to create a normal and balanced atmosphere has been chosen four signs, namely the amount of people with access to water that is clean, a normal and balanced amount of home, family possession of basic cleanliness, Community Places and Food Handling (TUPM).

Health concerns is a very complicated issue, which is related with other concerns beyond wellness itself. In the same way, fixing public illnesses, not only with regards to their own wellness but must be considered from all the current conditions of its effect on the problem of “healthy-sick” or wellness.

Entrepreneurs Fill Niches with Eco Friendly Trends

Entrepreneurs Fill Niches with Eco Friendly Trends

One of the newest consumer trends are those who value experiences more than ownership-with examples like shared ownership of cars, yachts and second homes, or leasing concepts for handbags, jewelry and other luxury goods. A few new and more unusual “sharings” have begun to take root.

A tradeshow group in Milan that wanted to expand the attendance of its shows started a program called “bed share” where residents of Milan open their homes and spare bedrooms to attendees of tradeshows. It was kicked off at the annual Salone Del Mobile, the international furniture expo. By logging into the website ( travelers can be paired with hosts who share the same interests. It carries networking and marketing to the next level and helps connect people from the other side of the world with a friendly face in an otherwise strange city environment.

Entrepreneurs Trends

Started in the Bay area, is a website dedicated to matching up tradeshow, festival and concert attendees with things such as ride sharing, room sharing and even flight sharing so they can meet up before they trek off to see the latest and greatest in aseptic packaging materials. This company is dedicated to finding and supporting eco friendly events and has expanded to the entire continental US.

Park At My House, is a company founded by 23-year-old Anthony Eskinazi, a young British entrepreneur. It allows anyone to register to rent out their parking space to consumers and businesses. Some city dwellings (co-ops, condos, offices or apartments) come with assigned parking spaces that go unused by the corresponding tenant. Car owners can pre-book a spot daily or one-off for a football match or a day of shopping in the city. Usually for much less than they would otherwise pay for parking. offers a smart search functionality. Members can also put up ads for spaces wanted. Listings show everything from “Need a spot for a night at the theatre” to specific “Teacher needs place for vehicle within 4 blocks of school but needs to be closed and locked” Mr. Eskinazi is hoping to expand to NYC, SFO and Paris soon.

Finally, while this trend is not exactly eco-friendly, it does give credence to what dog owners have known for years. Having man’s best friend around is a fun but time consuming proposition. All comes Flexpetz People who love spending time with dogs but can’t manage full-time ownership can now join a flexible pet ownership program. Launched in San Diego and Los Angeles, Flex Petz offers members the option of having a four legged friend for either a few hours or a week. It’s a good solution for people who would love to have a furry friend but either are too busy, have a partner with an allergy, travel frequently or live in an area that is not pet friendly. The dogs come from breed rescue shelters such as greyhound or pugs or white boxers and are well suited to live as a flex pet. They are housed in cage free facilities when not in the company of their extended families. Each dog receives lots of attention and love from their co-owners and they give that love right back. Monthly membership is 39.95 per month plus a daily fee and all members take a mandatory training session. Members can reserve their dog of choice on line and the service is looking to expand into other major metro markets like NYC and Boston.

Plan Meals While Moving

Plan Meals While Moving

Planning meals around packing boxes. You gotta eat, and it’s best to try and stay healthy while you are busy getting moved into your new place. Sitting down at night after you have had a meal,  start thinking about the next few days. With your pencil and paper in hand write down the ingredients and foods that you most eat,  the reason to eat first, is to have a clear head when meal planning, it helps to eliminate adding too much to a fridge you will eventually have to clean out.

This techique will also save you money, eating out cost bundles and adds up so very fast. When you are moving the last thing you really need to be doing (if you don’t have the money to blow) is spending it on take out. Simple meal preparation is best since you don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen cooking or cleaning.

Plan Meals

When preparing your list think about time in the kitchen. How much time do you want to be spedning cooking and cleaning? Many like the crock pot method of cooking you can prepare a meal quick and easy just throw your ingredients in and let it cook all day! You can also use the casserole method throw some good stuff in a dish and throw it in the oven. is fast and easy too, and doesn’t call for too much meal preperation. You may also do well with stir frys, one wok or frying pan and sautee, easy as 1, 2, 3.

The nice thing about thinking ahead with meal planning especially when moving is that you know that you are going to have a good healthy meal and though you may be in transition, the meal itself will help give you energy and a sense of stability. Another thing you can do, is on your day off or when you have a little spare time, prepare some of the ingredients that you will be using in some of your meals. For instance sautee the onions, chop up the veggies, cut up and fry the meat and have it ready for you in the fridge. When you do this it makes meal preperation a breeze, quicker and easier.

Enjoy the meals you have decided to cook up and have a little fun with it! You don’t have to have the same style of food each night, be creative! I just made chicken breast seared and than baked with couscouse, and broccolli. If I would have made two extra peice’s of chicken I would have chopped those up for chicken tacos for lunch the next day, or dinner. I could even make chicken salad sandwiches with those. So many endless possibilities!

Watch NBA Finals Live Online

Watch NBA Finals Live Online Using DNS Proxy

Are you excited to watch the upcoming NBA Finals? Well, everybody is. We hope you know how to watch NBA Finals live online from your location. Well, if you live in such an area where you can not access any of the streaming services, then it might worry you.

Well, it has a simple solution. You can easily use DNS to watch your favorite basketball tournament from anywhere you want. This article will discuss everything you need to know about DNS proxy to watch the NBA Finals 2021.

What is a DNS Proxy?

What is a DNS Proxy

DNS or a Domain Name System Proxy allows the users to access geo-restricted sites by changing the DNS of the device. It doesn’t require changing or hiding the IP address of the device like a VPN. Therefore, a DNS is a more secure option for browsing.

Can I Use DNS Proxy to Watch NBA Finals Live Online?

Can I Use DNS Proxy to Watch NBA Finals Live Online

The straightforward answer is Yes. NBA final games will be streaming worldwide in July. Basketball has a massive fan base almost in every country. The American National Basketball Association has partnered with many channels around the world to stream the event.

Still, in some places, you may not be able to watch the exciting final game. The most common reason is geographic restrictions. You won’t be able to access the streaming sites in a normal way. There you can use DNS proxy. It will allow access to the streaming sites to watch NBA Finals live online.

Advantages of Using DNS

Though many people will tell you to use a VPN, we recommend you go for DNS. It has a lot of advantages over a VPN. Some of them are:

  • DNS servers offer superior internet speed to most VPN. To watch live streaming of the NBA Finals, you must have an excellent net speed. Or else, you’ll see all the actions last. Luckily, with DNS, that won’t be a problem.
  • Security is a critical issue while using such services. Again, DNS stands out in the case of security features.
  • It has been seen that DNS proxy offers more stable performance. So, while you’re in exciting moments of the game, you won’t have to worry about your connection. As long as your router provides internet data, the game will run completely fine.

We’re not making the article long by mentioning the numerous advantages a DNS proxy offers. However, these advantages should be enough to convince anyone to use DNS.

How to Set Up DNS to Watch NBA Finals

Okay, now the question is how you can set up a DNS proxy in your device to watch the NBA Finals 2021. Well, different devices require different processes. Hence, search “setup DNS proxy” on google. Then go to a site and select your desired device. They will tell you what you’ll have to do next.

However, a smart DNS proxy is a popular one. You can visit their site for easy setup.


There’s a lot of methods to watch NBA Finals live online from geo-restricted locations. As per our opinion, a DNS proxy server is the best option. We recommend you use paid servers to enjoy the full advantages of DNS. We hope this article helped you to find information about watching the upcoming NBA Finals.

How to Physically Exercise Fitness in your Brain

How to Physically Exercise Fitness in your Brain

Given the amount of stress that people endure everyday, it is very easy for them to lose memory. Having poor memory can adversely impact on the individual in a number of ways. For instance, meager mental health can result in poor performance in the office, at school, and in other social circles. It is for this reason that, you should be extremely concerned with your brain fitness. But the question is: How do you improve your brain health? Well, there are various ways that you can go about it. Interestingly, most medical experts claim that physical exercises are very effective in improving brain health. So, as you engage yourself in brain fitness exercises, it is important to ensure that you indulge in a little physical exercise


How to Physically Exercise Fitness


But as you contemplate doing physical exercises to improve your mental health, there are several important considerations that you have to make. One of such considerations is to understand the kind of exercises that you are going to do and the effect they are likely to have on your brain fitness. The good thing is that there are numerous sources of information that you can turn to for advice especially if you are on the brain training program. In this passage, you are going to learn how physical exercises can help you to enhance your cognitive skills.

For starters, you need to understand that human brain is ever growing. Contrary to what many people think, brain development does not only happen in childhood; it is a continuous process that ends when you die. Your brain is always expanding and adapting to new situations and environments. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure that there is adequate blood flow in your brain irrespective of your age. It will go a long way in enhancing your mental health. However, this can only be achieved through exercising. Research has shown that physical exercises that are also useful in the brain training program are highly effective in enhancing cognitive skills. As you embark on a brain training exercise, always ensure that you have enough blood flow in your body and most importantly your brain. That is why it is important for you to engage in physical exercises since they will enable your heart to continue pumping extra blood about your body and also maintain a great brain health. This is important in ensuring that there is enough oxygen and sugar in your brain and other parts of the body.


It is only through exercises that your body can enjoy this kind of constant blood flow. It is also important for you to understand that enough oxygen in the brain provides nourishment and overall brain fitness. Your brain experiences constant cell regeneration and therefore it has to have an apposite mechanism of removing waste products improving your cognitive skills. This can only be achieved through physical exercises. Regular exercising will create continuous blood flow in the body making it possible for the brain to expand and adapt to new situations. With physical exercises, you do not need to involve your brain in a lot of brain training. Enough blood flow in your brain will go a long way n enhancing your cognition.