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Environmental Health

Environmental Health

Areas need to be aware of the value of good ecological wellness if you want to make a satisfied and healthy and balanced group. If they are able to sustain an atmosphere with both obligations, the appearance of many illnesses, which are usually due to a filthy atmosphere, can be prevented.

When did the release start of ecological wellness, dibutukan attention of all components of group so that the objective of developing overall wellness can be sensed by all those who will advantage from lingkunganjuga wellness can advantage all of group. Powerful investment from within each person in a group that became the starting of a process that must be designed. Without the contract and investment, it is difficult considering the wellness of the surroundings can be designed if one is not kept fresh atmosphere, then this will impact the inadequate cleanliness.

Cleaner and healthier residing can be defined as residing in an atmosphere of cleanliness and hygiene standards as well as running a pattern / behavior of fresh and healthier. A normal and balanced atmosphere can have substantial impact on the quality of healthcare. Individuals wellness would be better if the surroundings around him is also good. The other way around, ones wellness would be worse if the surroundings around him is not good. In the application of fresh and a healthier lifestyle can start by realizing that a healthier atmosphere. A normal and balanced atmosphere has the characteristics of residence (home) and a healthier home environment.

One of the urgent need for environmental wellness is the issue of water that is fresh, spend and sanitation, the need for water that is fresh, managing spend produced daily by the public as well as the direct disposal of spend water was supplied to the channel / river. This causes pandangkalan programs / sources, clogging the programs / sources as garbage. At the time of rain floods always occur and cause disease. You may get more details about environmental health by visiting this site.

Some illnesses due to inadequate cleanliness and spend fingertips and inadequate water include:

 Scarlet fever
 Liver Disease A

CHAPTER Why should healthy?? Why we have bathrooms should be healthy? This may have never thought of sebaian our non-urban areas. from the above description can already known condition coming up akaibat harmful intestinal and rest room. rest room itself is a package where individual spend is deliberately created to secure it, with the aim of:

Avoid the propagate of direct materials that are harmful to people due to the fingertips of individual spend.

Avoid the propagate of condition vector for the user and around environment

Cases of signs kesling Kab. Tangerang

Cases of signs kesling Kab. Tangerang

To evaluate the state of the surroundings and initiatives created to create a normal and balanced atmosphere has been chosen four signs, namely the amount of people with access to water that is clean, a normal and balanced amount of home, family possession of basic cleanliness, Community Places and Food Handling (TUPM).

Health concerns is a very complicated issue, which is related with other concerns beyond wellness itself. In the same way, fixing public illnesses, not only with regards to their own wellness but must be considered from all the current conditions of its effect on the problem of “healthy-sick” or wellness.