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How to Clone Whatsapp


If you want to clone Whatsapp, there are two ways to do it. The first method uses a browser to access WhatsApp on the other device. After signing in, you should click on the “Account” button and choose the account you want to clone. The next method uses a QR code. You will need the target phone to scan the QR code. Your monitoring device should have a copy of the WhatsApp web.

Process  to Cloning WhatsApp

The process involves creating a copy of WhatsApp. You will need to have access to the phone and heart to perform this. If you are a doctor, you should be aware that the procedure may cause high blood pressure and is not advisable for everyone. After you’ve successfully cloned the application, it’s safe to delete the original app and copy its data. Just remember to lock your phone while using the app to ensure the security of your data.

Start the New Cell Phone

Once you’ve copied your WhatsApp file, you need to start the new cell phone. Once you’ve started the process, you’ll need to restart your cell phone. When the new WhatsApp icon appears on the cell phone, tap it to enter it. Once you’ve entered the new cell phone number, a verification code will be sent to your old one. If it doesn’t, reinstall the app.

Copy a WhatsApp File

Once you’ve successfully copied the WhatsApp file, you’re ready to clone it on your own. After you’ve copied the file, you’ll need to restart your cell phone. Once you’ve completed the process, the duplicated WhatsApp icon will be added to your cell phone. Now you’ll need to enter the second WhatsApp icon on your phone. Finally, you’ll need to send a verification code.

Clone WhatsApp with  IMEI Code

Once you’ve done that, you can now clonar whatsapp on your other phone. You’ll need to find the IMEI code on your original phone and enter it in the new one. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to download the “Titanium Backup” application and grant root permissions to the application. Once you’ve finished the process, you’ll need to re-start your cell phone.

After you’ve successfully cloned WhatsApp, you’ll need to enter the IMEI code of the new phone. This IMEI code is located on the battery of the phone. To do this, you can call *06# on the phone to get the IMEI code. After you’ve gotten the IMEI, you’ll need to install the “Titanium Backup” application on the new phone.


You can also use the guest mode to clone WhatsApp. This will make it possible to copy the account without a trace of your original phone. But this method will only work for a single WhatsApp account. If you’ve a dual-SIM phone, you can use the guest mode to copy WhatsApp. You’ll have to activate the “Add Guest” option and verify the second mobile number to get access to messages.