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What We Can Expect From A Car Service?

What We Can Expect From A Car Service

There are many types of car services, and what you can expect will depend on what kind of car service you need. If your engine has broken down, then the mechanic might have to replace it or fix some other component that is preventing the vehicle from running. If they are doing a service in your car because something is wrong with it and needs to be fixed, then what they do will depend on what type of issue there is. In this post, we will discuss what is included mainly in a car service.

Oil Transmission System Check Up

Oil Transmission System Check Up

The first step in what is included in a car service is checking that there’s enough oil. You should check the transmission system too, as it can tell you what kind of oil to use. This helps avoid any problems down the road by letting you know if anything needs attention now and what grade of engine or gear lubricant might be needed later.

You’ll need to top up with new fluids like coolant which prevents overheating and brake fluid if there are leaks on this part of the vehicle. It will also clean out gunk from underneath car mats, deodorize leather seats and remove stains off carpets!

Engine Oil Replacement

Engine Oil Replacement

If your car is over three years old, we recommend having your car’s oil changed every five thousand miles. High quality all synthetic engine oil will provide better protection against wear and tear than conventional oils. Changing the car’s oil yourself will save you money.

Car Filter Replacement

Replacement of your car filter is one of the important services your car needs. Car filters protect the engine from harmful particles that may enter through the air intake system, such as dust and dirt. These particles can cause damage to a vehicle’s internal components, including fuel injectors or turbochargers.

External lights (Headlights, brake lights, indicators) Check up

The car service will include checking for any external lights that are not working, such as your headlights or brake lights. If you need new bulbs, this can be included in a warranty if it has been less than 12 months since they were last replaced. Similarly, there may also be indicators, such as your hazard warning light which should all work when you take the vehicle to an allowed dealer for a service checkup.

Seat Belt Condition

Some car service centers will offer to repair seat belts, but they may charge you more for what is considered an extra service. This being said, if the injury was caused by a defective seat belt then it should be covered under your warranty or insurance company’s policy and any related costs should not come out of pocket.

When Should You Service Your Car?

A car service should be something that you do on an annual basis so that your vehicle can keep running smoothly. Some people may find it necessary to get a car service more often than what is recommended, but the general rule of thumb is one year per visit for some type of maintenance or inspection.


You have a lot of options when it comes to car services. What are you looking for? We’re here to help! On our website, we offer all your basic needs and more.