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How Does NooLVL Work?

In the world of esports, players are turning to dietary supplements that help them stay focused and energized throughout long-lasting competitive play. This demand has bred a surge in the gaming supplement industry.

Nutrition 21’s nooLVL is a non-stimulant nootropic that quickly increases perceived energy and improves cognitive function among esports participants. It contains a patented nootropic complex of Bonded Arginine Silicate and an optimized dose of Inositol.

Enhances Mental Endurance

A patented non-stimulant nootropic ingredient without caffeine, nooLVL is clinically shown to improve cognitive performance in eSports gamers. It consists of a complex of bonded Arginine Silicate and an additional optimized dose of Inositol from Nutrition 21.

The Bonded Arginine Silicate in nooLVL increases nitric oxide (NO) production and blood flow, allowing for safe and enhanced delivery of oxygen and nutrients to sensitive tissues like the brain. In addition, the nutrient Inositol is critical for the functioning of some neurotransmitters in learning and memory.

Boosts energy levels and reduces fatigue, both of which can help you keep your attention and focus for long periods of time. It also improves working memory, which is important for making quick decisions during games.

Rule One Proteins recently introduced Player1 – a new line of supplements designed to enhance gaming performance. The supplement combines nooLVL with other ingredients such as L-theanine, carotenoids (lutein/zeaxanthin), natural-source, delayed-release caffeine, theacrine, choline and huperzine.

Increases Speed

As gaming becomes increasingly competitive, gamers look for ways to improve their performance. They use supplements like nooLVL to boost energy, focus, and mental acuity, which will help them perform better on the game.

NooLVL is an Arginine-Silica-Inositol complex that is patented and designed specifically for esports players. It was developed to help improve cognitive performance and increase energy, without any stimulant effect.

It is made with NitrosigineTM (l-arginine bonded to silica and inositol), an ingredient that helps support blood arginine levels and nitric oxide production, promotes energy, enhances focus and cognitive acuity, and supports better muscle response following exercise.

Nutrition 21 has recently launched nooLVL as its newest performance-boosting ingredient. The ingredient is a patented bonded Arginine Silicate with an additional optimized dose of Inositol and is geared towards the fast-growing esports market.

Improves Reaction Time

Several studies have shown that gamers can experience a decrease in their reaction time as they play for long periods of time. This is because their brains may become fatigued and less responsive. NooLVL helps combat this issue by increasing a gamer’s reaction time, which is crucial for gaming success.

Using a patented blend of bonded arginine silicate and inositol, nooLVL is able to increase energy levels safely without negatively affecting heart rate or blood pressure. It also improves cognitive function within 15 minutes of consumption.

The patented formulation includes a dose of inositol, which is known for its ability to boost concentration and memory performance. It is also a key component in the production of neurotransmitters that help with memory and learning.

The eSports community is constantly looking for new ingredients to improve their mental performance. This ingredient can help eSports athletes perform better in fast-paced games, and it has been shown to reduce errors as well.

Reduces Errors

As gaming hours increase and gamers become fatigued, they are prone to making errors that can put them in a state of anxiety and deep mental stress. But nooLVL reduces this risk by making gamers more alert and less prone to damaging errors.

NooLVL is a patented non-stimulant ingredient that is clinically shown to boost cognitive performance in eSports athletes. Its unique complex of bonded (inositol-stabilized) arginine silicate with an optimized dose of inositol increases nitric oxide production and blood flow, allowing for safe and enhanced delivery of oxygen and nutrients to sensitive tissues such as the brain.

In a study conducted by Nutrition 21 (Harrison, NY), a single dose of nooLVL increased perceived energy, focus and accuracy in eSports gamers. Additionally, eGamers improved their processing speed, task switching, and selective attention.


As an alternative to caffeine, nooLVL is a non-stimulant nootropic ingredient that is clinically shown to boost cognitive function within fifteen minutes of consumption. It’s currently used in a number of eSports supplements, including RTD and ready-to-mix powder products from XP Sports, Ghost Gamer, and others.