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Watch NBA Finals Live Online Using DNS Proxy

Watch NBA Finals Live Online

Are you excited to watch the upcoming NBA Finals? Well, everybody is. We hope you know how to watch NBA Finals live online from your location. Well, if you live in such an area where you can not access any of the streaming services, then it might worry you.

Well, it has a simple solution. You can easily use DNS to watch your favorite basketball tournament from anywhere you want. This article will discuss everything you need to know about DNS proxy to watch the NBA Finals 2021.

What is a DNS Proxy?

What is a DNS Proxy

DNS or a Domain Name System Proxy allows the users to access geo-restricted sites by changing the DNS of the device. It doesn’t require changing or hiding the IP address of the device like a VPN. Therefore, a DNS is a more secure option for browsing.

Can I Use DNS Proxy to Watch NBA Finals Live Online?

Can I Use DNS Proxy to Watch NBA Finals Live Online

The straightforward answer is Yes. NBA final games will be streaming worldwide in July. Basketball has a massive fan base almost in every country. The American National Basketball Association has partnered with many channels around the world to stream the event.

Still, in some places, you may not be able to watch the exciting final game. The most common reason is geographic restrictions. You won’t be able to access the streaming sites in a normal way. There you can use DNS proxy. It will allow access to the streaming sites to watch NBA Finals live online.

Advantages of Using DNS

Though many people will tell you to use a VPN, we recommend you go for DNS. It has a lot of advantages over a VPN. Some of them are:

  • DNS servers offer superior internet speed to most VPN. To watch live streaming of the NBA Finals, you must have an excellent net speed. Or else, you’ll see all the actions last. Luckily, with DNS, that won’t be a problem.
  • Security is a critical issue while using such services. Again, DNS stands out in the case of security features.
  • It has been seen that DNS proxy offers more stable performance. So, while you’re in exciting moments of the game, you won’t have to worry about your connection. As long as your router provides internet data, the game will run completely fine.

We’re not making the article long by mentioning the numerous advantages a DNS proxy offers. However, these advantages should be enough to convince anyone to use DNS.

How to Set Up DNS to Watch NBA Finals

Okay, now the question is how you can set up a DNS proxy in your device to watch the NBA Finals 2021. Well, different devices require different processes. Hence, search “setup DNS proxy” on google. Then go to a site and select your desired device. They will tell you what you’ll have to do next.

However, a smart DNS proxy is a popular one. You can visit their site for easy setup.


There’s a lot of methods to watch NBA Finals live online from geo-restricted locations. As per our opinion, a DNS proxy server is the best option. We recommend you use paid servers to enjoy the full advantages of DNS. We hope this article helped you to find information about watching the upcoming NBA Finals.