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A Guide on How to Close an RV Awning

A Guide on How to Close an RV Awning

The awning is one of the most crucial components of any RV. Its function is to cover and protect you from rain, heat, or cold. It also provides protection from bugs, dust, and leaves that may otherwise clutter your vehicle’s interior during travel. In order for an awning to do all this effectively, they must be properly closed once use has been completed. This post will discuss how to close an RV awning as painlessly as possible.

What is an RV Awning?

The RV Awning is designed to cover the entrance of the vehicle. This is often done to shield the entrance from rain or similar weather conditions. The awning will typically measure around 3-5 meters long, find more about this.

How to Close an Awning?

How to Close an Awning

Lifting the Awning

One way to close an RV awning is to lift it up and then pull it down until it locks into place. You may need two people for this task, because pulling on one side of the awning by yourself may not be enough power to release the lock mechanism. Once you have lifted it up and pulled outwards, all you need to do is hold the awning at this sloping angle while also holding onto the locking lever that is on top of it.

Locking the Awning

Once you release the locking lever, make sure that there are no obstructions underneath the awning. If there is no obstruction, slide it back into place and then hold on to the lock mechanism again. Make sure that it is securely locked in place before letting go of the handle.

This task is very simple; all you have to do is lift it up and pull it down while holding onto the locking device. This will avoid damaging RV awning cords which are usually thin and fragile. Make sure that there are no obstructions under your RV awning before you slide it back into its place.

Materials Needed to Close the Awning

Materials Needed to Close the Awning

A length of rope or an awning cover will be needed to tie around the awning so it doesn’t flap in the wind while you are traveling down the road. To avoid this, use either a heavy-duty string or rope about one foot long to wrap around the awning on each end. You will also need an awning cover like in the photo below to keep your RV covered when it is not in use.

Tips for Closing the Awning

1. Lift up the awning before you start the process of closing it to make it easier for yourself.

2. Pull the awning down until it locks in place.

3. Hold onto the locking lever while you are holding your sloping angle that you want your awning to be in position.

4. If the locking lever is on top of your awning, you can easily pull it down to release the lock mechanism.

5. Once you have released the locking mechanism hold onto the awning and continue holding your sloping angle until it locks into place.

6. To make sure that everyone has an easier time holding their sloping angle, make sure that everyone grabs the top of the awning in order to be able to make it easier for you.

7. Be aware of the locking mechanism which will lock into place when your awning is closed. This may be either on top or somewhere else on the awning depending on your awning.

8. If you cannot find the locking mechanism, check for any button-like objects on the side of the awning, and make sure to press it down once you lift up the awning and pull it down until it locks in place.

9. Once everything is locked into place, stand back and admire your work.

10. To make sure that you have done everything correctly, you can test it by pushing the awning back into its original position and then try to close it again.

11. Ensure that everyone is holding onto their sloping angle and the locking mechanism before you let go of the awning, or else it will not lock into place.

12. In some cases, you may have to hire someone who knows how to work on the awning in order for them to do all of this for you because it can be a very difficult task to do for yourself.

13. If you want to make sure that your awning is unbroken and working perfectly, hire someone who knows how to work with the awning in order for them to handle it and close it. This can help save you from spending more money than what you had originally planned on spending.

FAQs about closing the awning

● What are the benefits of an RV awning?

RV awnings offer protection from the sun, the elements, and even some light rain. They give you shade when you need it and when you don’t they fold up neatly so they take up little space. While some models have screens, others do not, so if you have a screen model be sure to close the screen when you are finished using the awning.

● Do I need to use two people to close the awning?

While closing an RV awning requires two people, it is usually not necessary for both of those people to pull on the fabric at the same time. One person can hold and angle and then another person can release the lock at the top. In some instances, the person holding the awning may need to pull down on it once or twice before the locking mechanism releases completely, but in most cases this will not be necessary.

● What if pushing up on my awning does not release the lock?

If pushing your awning up does not release the lock, you may need to lift it up a little higher. There should be at least 10 inches of space between the top of your awning and the bottom edge of your RV. Also make sure that your locking mechanism is not rubbed the wrong way, preventing it from closing properly. If none of these are causing an issue then you may need to pull your awning from the opposite side, while still holding onto the locking mechanism.


The RV Awning is designed to provide protection from the elements, like rain and sun. The canopy that it provides also helps keep you cool when sitting under it during hot days. It’s easy enough for one person to close by themselves; however, two people may be needed if your awning has not been taken down before or there are other obstacles in your way (like high winds).