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The Seven Most Important Swimming Tips

The Seven Most Important Swimming Tips

In the last few decades, swimming has become one of the most popular sports all over the World. And with good reason: it’s a great way to stay fit and have fun simultaneously. The only drawback is that many people don’t know how to swim yet think they do and may even be making dangerous decisions because of their ignorance. Therefore, it’s important for everyone who goes into a pool to know just enough about swimming basics so you can always enjoy yourself safely. In this article, we provide tips on getting started and common mistakes swimmers make and how to avoid them. So let us help in keeping you from being another statistic!

Stay Calm and Breathe

Swimming should be relaxing, but many people are tense when they get in the water, especially if it’s their first time. If you feel anxious or out of breathing while swimming, focus on breathing slowly through your nose and try to decompress. Remind yourself that you’re in a safe place, there are lifeguards on duty, and you’ve got this!

Sprinting Is Good For the Soul

Sprinting Is Good For the Soul

Swimming is an excellent workout that targets all of your muscles with every stroke. Sprinting builds lean muscle in your arms and legs while helping you burn fat in less time. If you’re looking for a quick fix, concentrate on building speed during your workouts. It is especially helpful for those who are planning to swim in a triathlon or other competitive setting.

Shape Your Hand into a Cup

Many people don’t know how to hold their hands while swimming properly. But, if you watch the way goldfish move through the water, you’ll notice their fins spread out like a cup on the side of their body. When you mimic that shape while swimming, it helps your hand slip through the water more easily and makes you a faster swimmer.

Work Your Legs

It is a common mistake by swimmers to focus too heavily on their arms while neglecting their legs. This can lead to unnecessary strain on the arm muscles and cause you to lose speed. The best swimmers know how to engage their leg muscles for faster swimming. If you feel like you’re sinking toward the bottom of the pool, try kicking your legs several times before starting an arm stroke so that your body naturally floats toward the top again.

Focus On Your Form

There’s a right way to swim, and then there’s a more common way that can lead to accidents. If you keep your head up too high, you’re going to struggle with breathing. On the other hand, looking down for too long will not only make it harder for you to breathe, but it may also mess with your form by throwing off your balance. So instead, keep your head centred over your body, using the line between your eyes as a reference point.

Kick With Purpose

Many swimmers who are just beginning don’t know how to use their legs correctly. For example, when you draw an imaginary line down from your hips, it should land right behind the middle of your chest so that you can kick forward. If you don’t extend your leg properly, you’ll not only look silly in the pool, but you won’t get anywhere either!

Lastly, Enjoy Yourself!

As we said, swimming should be a fun and safe activity everyone can enjoy. So don’t worry too much about how you do, because chances are you’ll be back at it again soon enough. Have fun out there, and best of luck!